Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Care If Their Client Is Guilty?

Getting involved in a crime can be a very serious situation that could change your life. If you are proven to be guilty of the offense, then you will end up spending years in prison. No one would ever want to be in jail, of course, even those who are guilty of crimes. This is the reason why they will search for the best lawyer to defend them in court and hopefully ease their sentence. The reality is that lawyers’ jobs are to put on the best possible defense, even if the defendant is guilty of the crime.

How a Defense Lawyer Handle the Case of a Guilty Client

The main role of a lawyer is to defend his client in court and not to know if he is guilty or not. It only means that the lawyer doesn’t really care if there client is guilty instead he will present all the evidences that could help in the case. Besides, it is not the duty of the lawyer to know if you are guilty or not because it is not relevant to the case. What the lawyer should focus on is on how he can win the case because this can affect his reputation. 

On the other hand, even if you are guilty of the crime, a criminal defense lawyer is not allowed to tell lies during court trials just to win the case. This is the reason why most lawyers don’t ask their clients if they are guilty or not instead they just do their job. The defense lawyer will nit literally say that his client is innocent but he will work on the area of which the government fails to prove that the accused is guilty of the crime.

Another reason why a criminal defense lawyer defend their clients either they are guilty or not is because of the rule of law wherein everyone has the right to defend themselves in court and get a fair judgment. So if ever that you get into such situation and you know to yourself that you are guilty, then you have to make sure that you will get the best legal assistance who will take the case seriously if you want to win your case. You can decide what information you will provide the lawyer and you know would be necessary and helpful to your case.